Travelling in the Middle East is an eye opening, fascinating experience.

Home to the birth of three of the main religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Middle East is full of historic places, buildings and cities that resonate with the religious sounds of the locals, and worldwide travelers coming to this unique and extraordinary destination.

Countries that are contained in the Middle East (in alphabetical order) are:

Bahrain Israel Oman Saudi Arabia
Cyprus Jordan Gaza Strip Syria
Egypt Kuwait Palestinian Authority United Arab Emirates
Iran Lebanon Qatar Yemen

Countries in the Greater Middle East, include:

Afghanistan Algeria Armenia
Azerbaijan Comoros Djibouti
Eritrea Georgia Kazakhstan
Kyrgyzstan Libya Mauritania
Morocco Pakistan Somalia
Sudan Tajikistan Tunisia
Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Western Sahara

Some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes can be found, along with mind blowing sites. Some (but far from all) are: Libya’s Sahara desert, The Red Sea, Blue Mosques, Dead Sea, Ancient Temples, Cedar Forests, Mt Sinai, The Great Pyramids, Bazaars & Markets. Visit Alexandria, Istanbul, Tehran, Beirut, Jerusalem, Damascus, Tel Aviv and endless cities full of culture, history, dramatic backdrops, and amazing food.

Some of our Top Picks for the Middle East are:

  1. Istanbul, Turkey. Visit Blue Mosque, Markets & Bazaars
  2. Ancient Egypt , Cairo, The Great Pyramids and The Nile
  3. Jerusalem, Israel & Palestinian Territories, the world’s holiest city
  4. Beirut, Lebanon, Dynamic and sophisticated city
  5. Dubai, UAE city filled with diversity, desert, coast, tourist attractions, landmarks and luxuries.